Epigraphy and the Historical Sciences

University of Oxford 2 – 7 September 2007

Congress Programme


Breakfast (for those with accommodation booked, Christ Church or St. Edmund Hall)


Registration (Congress Office, Room 8, ground floor, Examination Schools, High Street)

Non-resident delegates may collect their Congress packs from 09.00 onwards.


Opening Session (South Schools, first floor, Examination Schools)

Greetings and introduction: Joyce Reynolds (Cambridge), Stephen Mitchell (Exeter), and Marc Mayer (Barcelona), President of A.I.E.G.L.

Welcome from Oxford University: John Hood (Vice-Chancellor)

Welcome from Classics Faculty: Alan Bowman (Oxford)

Latin address: Klaus Hallof (Berlin)

Discours d'ouverture: Denis Feissel (Paris), 'L'épigraphie et les sciences historiques'


Coffee (North Schools, first floor of the Examination Schools, High Street)


Plenary 1: Epigraphy and Religion (South Schools, first floor of the Examination Schools)

Chair: Richard Gordon (Erfurt)

Greek epigraphy and religion: Robert Parker (Oxford)

Latin epigraphy and religion: John Scheid (Paris)


Lunch (for those with accommodation booked, Christ Church or St. Edmund Hall)


Thematic Panels, session 1

Location, Panels 1.1-1.4: Examination Schools, High Street

1.1. Public Inscriptions of Classical and Hellenistic Athens: IG II3 and History, Chronology, Location (South Schools, First Floor)

a. Stephen Lambert (convenor): "The Shape of Athenian External Relations 352/1-322/1: the Perspective of the Inscribed Decrees."

b. Stephen Tracy: "- -sinos, A New Archon of Athens."

c. Simone Follet: "Athenian Archons of the First Century B.C."

d. Adele Scafuro: "The fourth-century crown exchange."

1.2. Greek Inscriptions and Warfare (Room 6, Ground Floor)

a. Patrick Baker (convenor):

b. Filippo Canali De Rossi: "Achaean military support for Rome. A new interpretation."

c. Jean-Christophe Couvenhes: "Péripoloi, kryptoi et hypaithroi dans la défense de l'Attique : permanence civique, influence royale."

d. Henri-Louis Fernoux: "Représentations et faits de guerre dans les cités grecques d'Asie mineure à l'?poque impériale à travers le témoignage de l'épigraphie"

e. Eduard Rung: "Diplomacy of Classical Greece and the inscriptions"

1.3. Non-Greek and Latin Epigraphy of the Roman Empire (Room 7, Ground Floor)

a. Werner Eck (convenor): "Generelle Bemerkungen zur Thematik"

b. Jürgen Untermann: "Iberische, hispanokeltische, gallische und lateinische Epigraphik. Schrift und Sprache im Zeitalter der Latinisierung des römischen Westeuropa."

c. Ginette di Vita Evrard: "Punique et latin dans l'épigraphie d'Afrique du Nord, d'Auguste au IVe siècle: coexistence, hiérarchie, succession et concurrence."

d. Hannah Cotton - Jonathan Price: "Semitic languages in the epigraphy of the Graeco-Roman Near East: the case of Judaea/Syria Palaestina."

1.4. Memory and Identity (Room 9, Ground Floor)

a. Stéphane Benoist: "Mémoire, histoire et identités impériales (Ier s. av./IVe s. ap.)."

b. Clive Cheesman: "Ancestors in Latin inscriptions."

c. Yves Lafond: "Mémoire dorienne et identité civique dans le monde grec à l'époque impériale romaine. L'apport des inscriptions."

Location, Panels 1.5-1.7: Christ Church, St. Aldate's

1.5. Latin Epigraphy of the Balkans: Society of the Central Balkan Provinces from the First to the Third Century AD (Lecture Room 1)

a. Miroslava Mircovic (convenor): "Social anthropology and epigraphy of the Balkans".

b. Dyliana Boteva: "Latin votive inscriptions on relief plaques from the Roman provinces of Thracia, Lower and Upper Moesia, and Dacia"

c. Lence Jovanova-Aleksieva: "Senatorial families in southern Moesia"

d. Snezana Ferjancic: "Veterans of the praetorian guard in the central Balkan provinces".

1.6. Epigraphy and Information Technology (Lecture Room 2)

a. Charles Crowther (convenor):

c. Alan Bowman, Ruth Kirkham, John Pybus: "A Virtual Research Environment for epigraphy and papyrology."

c. Robert Thorne: [X-ray fluorescence imaging of inscriptions]

1.7. Roman Military Epigraphy (McKenna Room)

a. Boris Rankov (convenor): "Trajan and the peregrini: the career of Q. Geminius Sabinus"

b. Denis Saddington: "Career grade variations and nomenclature patterns used in the inscriptions of fleet personnel in the early Roman empire."

c. Michael Ng: "The Birth of the Urban Cohorts."

d. Fatih Onur: "The military edict of Anastasius I from Perge."


Tea (North Schools, first floor of the Examination Schools and Christ Church)


Plenary 2: Epigraphy and Language (South Schools, first floor of the Examination Schools)

Chair: Michael Crawford (University College London)

Greek epigraphy and the Greek language: Georg Petzl (Köln)

Latin epigraphy and the Latin language: Peter Kruschwitz (Berlin)


Poster set-up session (North Schools, first floor of the Examination Schools)

Opportunity for authors of posters to check that posters are correctly displayed.

A full list of posters is available here.


Drinks Reception (in the 'Fairway', Oxford University Press)

A reception hosted by Oxford University Press. Please enter via the old main entrance on Walton Street and bring your invitation with you.

Welcome address by Prof. Christopher Pelling.

Sponsored by The British Academy, The Classics Faculty of the University of Oxford, The British Epigraphy Society, Oxford University Press, the Association internationale d'épigraphie grecque et latine, The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies, The Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies, The Cultural Attaché of the Polish Ambassador to the Court of St. James (London), The Onassis Foundation, Mrs Matrona & Mr Nicholas Egon, The British Institute at Ankara, The Council for British Research in the Levant, the Italian Cultural Institute in London, The Hellenic Foundation.